Five Fun Things To Do In Amarillo Texas To Have A Great Time

Amarillo Texas is located in the Texas Panhandle. Like Fort Worth, Amarillo is another of the places where you can get a taste of “Old West” Texas, which my dad is a big fan of.

There are several fun things to do in Amarillo that we like. I think the canyons are simply beautiful. You can see real cowboys buying and selling cattle, just like in the old days!

The kids can also have a good time in Amarillo.

Here are some of our favorite Amarillo attractions…

Things To Do In Amarillo Texas

Amarillo Zoo

Things to do in Amarillo Texas: Amarillo ZooThe Amarillo zoo might be smallish, but it costs only a couple of dollars to get in, and kids under 2 get in for free! They have more than 60 species of animals.

Right by the entrance is an exhibit of spider-monkeys that are a lot of fun to watch. They also have an exhibit showing some of the native wildlife, like coyotes and gray foxes.

I think small kids especially have a great time here! Happy kids, happy parents!

The Amarillo Zoo is also right next to Thompson Park where there is lots to enjoy.

Cadillac Ranch

Amarillo Texas: Cadillac RanchCadillac Ranch is an attraction in Amarillo that you probably won’t find anywhere else in the world! It consists of 10 Cadillacs from the 50s buried upright in the ground, with a little more than half of the car sticking out above the ground. Each car is covered in graffiti… artwork left there by previous visitors.

Before you go, stop at a local hardware store and buy a couple of cans of spray paint. Then you and the kids can make your own unique addition to the artwork.

We didn’t spend a whole bunch of time there, but it’s a lot of fun for at least 30 minutes.

Don Harrington Discovery Center

Amarillo Texas: Don Harrington Discovery CenterThe Don Harrington Discovery Center is a great place to take the kids. It is a hands-on science museum that not only keeps the kids happy for hours, but they also learn something in the process!

The have several exhibits, like the Hunters of the Sky that teaches a lot about birds of prey. The Space lounge is all about… space! Kids love that! Other exhibits include Amazing Bodies, Kinder Studio, and more.

If you’re in Amarillo Texas with kids, don’t miss the Discovery Center!

Amarillo Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens in Amarillo TexasIf you like plants and gardens, the Amarillo Botanical Gardens is just a little bit down the road from the Discover Center. They have a tropical conservatory containing many exotic plants. The gardens are beautiful and well-maintained.

They offer guided tours for kids, but it’s best to call them at (806) 352-6513 for their tour schedule.

Splash Amarillo

Splash Amarillo Waterpark in Amarillo TexasSplash Amarillo is a water park with several water slides, a wave pool, and one of those “rivers” where you get on a tube and float along in a big circle.

On a hot summer day, that is just what any family needs. I don’t need to tell you your kids will enjoy it because you already know that. I know mine do!

It isn’t very expensive to get it. If you go after 3pm, you can get a half-day ticket. You can take a cooler in, but they charge a small fee for that. Kids under 4 enter free.

I hope you have a great time in Amarillo Texas!

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