Austin Restaurants – 9 Great Places To Satisfy Your Appetite

There are so many Austin restaurants to choose from.

Somebody once told me that there are more restaurants per square mile in Austin than in any other US city!

With so many restaurants in Austin to choose from, where do you go?

Here are a few good Austin restaurants…

The Oasis

Austin Restaurants: The OasisThe first restaurant I think you should know about is The Oasis. It is not so much the food that makes it special, but rather the absolutely amazing view and atmosphere at The Oasis. The sunsets are spectacular!

I’m not saying the food at The Oasis is bad. On the contrary, I have had some great meals there, and like their Chicken Fireballs in particular, it’s just that the view is so amazing.

The best time to visit The Oasis is to go just before sunset.

Franklin Barbecue

Austin restaurants: Franklin BarbecueIf you like barbecue, don’t miss Franklin Barbecue!

This place is legendary! You’ll often see long lines of people in front of Franklin. The barbecue is so good that they’re willing to patiently wait their turn to get to the juicy stuff!

Their brisket and sausage, in particular, are amazing.

Their prices are very reasonable too. A plate consisting of one meat plus two sides will set you back just a little over $10. I doubt very much that you will walk out of Franklin Barbecue and still be hungry!

Keep in mind that they are only open for lunch, and are closed on Mondays.

Chuy’s Restaurant

Austin Restaurants: Chuy'sA great restaurant in Austin for Mexican food (TexMex) is Chuy’s. Their salsa and chips is really good, and the margaritas are great. I am a big fan of their chicken enchaladas!

Chuy’s is also a great family restaurant. They are reasonably priced, and their portions are generous.

The original Chuy’s can be quite busy. If you are staying near north Austin, there are more Chuy’s restaurants on Hwy 183 (Research Blvd), one on North Lamar, and another in Round Rock.

CR Surf & Turf

Austin restaurants: CR Surf & Turf Cedar ParkA gem of a restaurant that is hidden all the way in Cedar Park, is CR Surf & Turf. (It is isn’t really all the far away… simply take 183A north to 1431, then turn left under the highway and find it in The Rail Yard on your right.)

It isn’t a fancy restaurant, but the food is amazing, and the prices are excellent!

I can’t think of a restaurant where I have had a better steak. They also make an excellent gumbo. We have traveled along the Gulf coast all the way to Florida, and nowhere did we find a gumbo that beat Surf & Turf’s.

If you’re in the Cedar Park area, don’t miss the Surf & Turf. It truly is excellent!

Home Slice Pizza

Austin Restaurants: Home Slice PizzaIf you’re looking excellent pizza near downtown Austin, definitely take a look at Home Slice Pizza.

Home Slice is extremely popular and some think of it as the best pizza restaurant in Austin. Their New York style pizza is a treat and their service is great.

Give Home Slice Pizza a shot. If you like pizza, I think you will like Home Slice!

Salt Lick BBQ

Austin restaurants: Salt Lick BBQ DriftwoodAn article about Austin restaurants would not be complete without also adding the Salt Lick BBQ.

It’s not located strictly in Austin, but a few miles south of Austin in Driftwood. (There is another in Round Rock.)

This place is also legendary. It’s one of those place where all Austinites take their visitors!

The setting at the Salt Lick is authentic Texas. On your way in, you walk by the massive barbecue pit, which is quite a sight. Fantastic ambiance!

The most important part, the food, is incredible and the helpings are generous. Make some time to have a meal at the Salt Lick. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Eddie V’s

Austin Restaurants: Eddie V'sEddie V’s is another fine choice in Austin restaurants. There is one in downtown Austin and one in the Arboretum.

Eddie V’s serves wonderful variety of seafood and American cuisine, which includes some mouth-watering steaks and lamb.

In my mind, Eddie V’s is better suited to couples who want an enjoyable evening out. Expect to pay a little more at Eddie V’s, but it is defnitely worth it.

Piranha Killer Sushi

Austin Restaurants: Piranha Killer SushiIf you like sushi, give Piranha Killer Sushi in downtown Austin a try.

The waiters are very friendly and the service is excellent. Their dishes have some interesting names and you are likely to find sushi here that you won’t find on the menu of many other sushi restaurants. It can be slightly pricey, but worth it.

In my mind, Piranha Killer Sushi is better suited to couples or groups of adults looking for a nice evening out, in other words, I don’t think it is suited for a family with kids.

Amy’s (Ice Cream)

Amy's Ice CreamAmy’s is not a restaurant, but is a great place for ice cream and desserts! The kids will love you for taking them there… in fact, people of all ages love Amy’s.

Amy’s ice cream is certainly not run-of-the-mill! They have a variety of flavors to pick from, and several different toppings that get added into your ice cream when you order. It really is a treat!

There are several Amy’s locations all over Austin, like 6th Street, inside Bergstrom Airport (ABIA), Research Blvd (if you’re in north Austin), on Burnet Rd, the Hill Country Galleria, and more.

More Austin Restaurants?

Remember how I said at the beginning that Austin has more restaurants per square mile than any other US city? That means that 9 restaurants can’t possibly be it! There are many more, and we’ll add good ones as we find them.

In the mean time, if you want to look at some more choices, here are several more restaurants in Austin to consider.

Bon Appetit!

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