A Few Dallas Restaurants That Serve Great Food

With so many Dallas restaurants to choose from, how do you know which restaurants give good food at a good price?

When we travel with our kids, I know we’re going to be spending money on hotels and attractions, so it helps a lot to avoid super-fancy restaurants because I’d rather eat a little cheaper and spend more on fun.

Besides, most kids are happy with a good hamburger.

At times though, it is of course very nice if mom & dad can have a decent steak or pasta, etc.

So I try to pick Dallas restaurants that give good food, but won’t break the bank.

Here are a few of our favorites…

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

Dallas Restaurants: Pappadeaux Seafood KitchenPappadeaux Seafood Kitchen is a great place to go eat lunch or dinner. It is, as the name says, a seafood restaurant, but they also have steak and chicken. They have a wide variety of seafood, including Louisiana fare, like gumbo and Cajun dishes.

Pappadeaux have a nice kids’ menu with all items under $10 and a wide-enough selection to keep most kids happy. They also have a “To-go” menu if you prefer to eat at the hotel. We sometimes do that after a long day out.

The atmosphere at Pappadeaux is very nice, and their service is very good too.

Babe’s Chicken Dinner House

Dallas Restaurants: Babe's Chicken HouseBabe’s Chicken Dinner House is a country-style chicken restaurant that serves simple, but very good food. I like chicken fried steak, so I like Babe’s!

Other than chicken fried steak, they also serve things like fried chicken tenders, pot roast, and on the dessert-side, one of my favorites, lemon meringue pie. My wife likes the coconut meringue pie, and most kids love banana pudding!

Babe’s is open for lunch and dinner. It is located fairly close to the La Qunita Inn in Addison (green marker D on my Dallas map) and might be a good option after a day at the Hawaiian Falls waterpark in The Colony.

Casa Milagro

Dallas Restaurants: Casa MilagroCasa Milagro in Richardson is another favorite among Dallas area restaurants. It is a great Mexican restaurant and you will be full when you walk out of there!

They have the usual range of Mexican dishes on their menu, including a few that I had not heard of before. One of my favorites are their sour cream chicken enchiladas, called Lupita. If you haven’t had it before, try their Sopapillas for dessert. We love it!

With Casa Milagro being in Richardson, it would be good to go there on a day that you plan to visit Southfork Ranch or Hawaiian Falls in Garland.


Dallas Restaurants: PatrizioPatrizio is a great Italian restaurant in Highland Park Village, north of downtown Dallas.

They have a wonderful variety of Italian dishes, including various pasta dishes and pizza. There’s this dish called Conchiglie Con Spinaci that is amazing! Amongst their desserts, Tiramisu is my favorite, but I’m told that their apple pie is very good too.

Since Patrizio is just north of downtown Dallas, it’s easy to get to if you’re staying in downtown Dallas or visiting the downtown attractions.

Twisted Root Burger Co.

Dallas Restaurants: Twisted Root Burger Co.The Twisted Root Burger Co. is a cool burger joint to take the kids to.

Here you can get regular beef burgers, but they also have other interesting options, like boar, venison, ostrich, emu, and more. They also have a wide range of toppings, like goat cheese, blue cheese, chipotle ranch, guacamole, and more. And of course they have fries.

I think the Twisted Root is definitely worth visiting!

Other Dallas Restaurants?

The restaurants above are some of our favorites, but they are only a handful out of more than 1000 Dallas restaurants, so if you would like to consider other options too, here are a few more good restaurants in Dallas to look at.

Bon Appetit!

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