Fredericksburg Texas – A Charming Town With Character!

I like the German food and beer of Fredericksburg Texas. My wife loves the shopping that it is so well-known for. Fredericksburg is one of our favorite weekend getaways!

I had heard about Fredericksburg long before my family and I went there for the first time.

For some reason people mentioned Fredericksburg more in conversations than any other town in the area. It was always, “Oh, it’s so cool, you gotta go!”

Then, one day we went… what a pleasant surprise!

Fredericksburg Texas: Whistle Pik Art GalleryHere was this charming town with “old-style” stores lining the main street on both sides. Each of the stores seemed to have their own unique character. The sidewalks on both sides were full of people wandering up and down and in and out of stores.

I was immediately intrigued… and hooked…

Our favorite activities in Fredericksburg are the shopping, the Nimitz museum, and Enchanted Rock. Here is more about them…

Things To Do In Fredericksburg Texas


Shopping in Fredericksburg TexasShopping is undoubtedly a major reason why people visit Fredericksburg Texas! I know that’s the main reason why we go.

The stores are mostly all along Main street. These are not impersonal chain stores… these are charming little stores, each with their own unique character. There are stores for just about any taste… a great variety of stores where everyone is likely to find something they like.

A fun aspect of shopping in Frederickburg is the sidewalk benches scattered along the way. I have enjoyed more than one beer, parked on one of the benches with the kids while Mom is inside a store fulfilling her life’s mission…

I’m not a big shopper, but shopping in Fredericksburg is different… it’s just part of the vibe!

Nimitz Museum

Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg TexasThe Nimitz museum in Fredericksburg (aka The National Museum of the Pacific War) is a great place to take the kids, especially when they start getting tired of the shopping.

My kids’ “wow-factor” is all the cannons and guns on display. My “wow-factor” is the incredible history that is told so well.

The distraction of taking the kids to the Nimitz museum also buys my wife some extra shopping time. So everyone wins!

Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock near Fredericksburg TexasEnchanted Rock is a fun place that we like to take the kids to. They love it there. When my parents visited from out-of-state a couple of years ago, we took them to Enchanted Rock, and they had a great time too.

Enchanted Rock is huge (and I mean massive!) rock about 20 miles outside Fredericksburg. It is great fun to climb to the top, which takes about 20 minutes. I just love the view from up there!

I think Enchanted Rock is well worth a visit.

Rockbox Theater

Things to do in Fredericksburg Texas: Rockbox TheaterThe Rockbox Theater, just off Main St, is something you simply have to visit! I first heard about the Rockbox from a friend who saw a show and insisted that we go.

They have fantastic musical shows that are very entertaining. The performers are incredibly talented. They also have a Christmas show every year.

This is some of the best live entertainment that you’ll find anywhere in Texas. Don’t miss it!

Fredericksburg Texas truly is a must-visit! For a small Hill Country town, it offers a lot!

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