SeaWorld San Antonio – Great Fun For Everyone

SeaWorld San Antonio has a great variety of different activities ranging from their famous animal shows and exhibits to water rides and roller coasters.

If you’re hot, you can cool off in the wave pool or do some water rides.

If you want a little action, the rollercoasters will give it to you.

If you’re getting tired and want to sit down for a while, an animal show will keep you entertained.

All of this makes SeaWorld one of our FAVORITE San Antonio family attractions!

Our Favorite Activities

Sea World San Antonio is a FUN place to visit!We usually drive to SeaWorld San Antonio for a day. By the time we get there, at least one of us needs to go to the restroom. So we turn to the left immediately after going through the gates, where there are restrooms about 50 yards further.

Since we’re just about there after the restroom stop, we then continue to the left to Dolphin Cove, where there are several Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins in a pool where they van be viewed from close-up.

Behind Dolphin Cove are the Sharks. The shark tank is very cool and my kids love this exhibit.

After the sharks we head back towards the main gate and on to the rest of Sea World’s fun stuff…

Lost Lagoon

The Wave Pool at SeaWorld San AntonioThe Lost Lagoon is all about water fun. It’s a great place to hang out on a hot day.

The Wave Pool is a great place to stay cool, but there are also several other water rides to keep the kids happy.

We hang out here for about an hour before we hit the rollercoasters and shows.

Shamu Show

Shamu show at SeaWorld San AntonioAlong with the late Keiko (Free Willy), Shamu has to be one of the most famous Orcas in the world!

Shamu, along with a handful of other Orcas, play with their trainers in a show that delights everyone. It is very obvious that the trainers have a very close bond with the whales.

The Shamu Shows are amazing. My kids always sit in the splash zone! They love to get wet! We see Shamu every time we visit Sea World.

(Hint: Try to see the evening show if you can. It is even more stunning than the day shows.)

Great White Rollercoaster

The Great White rollercaster at SeaWorld San AntonioThe Great White rollercoaster is by far my favorite rollercoaster at SeaWorld San Antonio!

The seats are suspended below the rails, so your feet hang free. This thing twists and turns and make you feel like you’re a fighter pilot on a serious mission!

Unfortunately the height requirement to ride the Great White is 54″ and my youngest son can’t ride it yet. (There are usually a few tears over this…) He has one more inch to go, and he can’t wait!

Journey To Atlantis

Journey To Atlantis in SeaWorld San AntonioJourney To Atlantis rollercoaster is one of SeaWorld San Antonio’s newest rollercoasters and is a lot of fun too.

You sit in a single boat-like car that makes a steep climb, rotates through 360+° in such a way that you go backwards through the next stage. Then you rotate through another 360+° to face forward for the final downhill and through water to arrive quite wet at your destination!

Luckily my youngest can ride this one. He likes the part where you go backwards because it feels like your stomach stays behind.

Sea Lion Show

Sea Lion show at SeaWorld San AntonioThe Sea Lion shows are a lot of fun and delight young and old.

The show we saw is called The Cannery Row Caper. It’s a very funny show featuring two “detective” sea lions investigating the disappearance of fish from the cannery.

My wife, in particular, enjoyed the sea lion show a lot.

Steel Eel Rollercoaster

Steel Eel rollercoaster at SeaWorld San AntonioThe Steel Eel is a rollercoaster that doesn’t go upside-down and doesn’t twist, but it goes up and down at incredible speeds. It’s a high-energy ride that leaves you quite pumped by the time it finishes.

This is the fastest ride that my youngest can ride, and he loves it. I let him go one or two extra times to make up for him missing out on the Great White.

Other things we like to do in SeaWorld San Antonio are watching the Ski Show ang going through the Penguin Encounter. The Penguin Encounter is very well done. They created an Antarctic habitat behind a glass wall where the penguins live. You can see them swim underwater in their pool. These little suckers can swim!

If you have smaller kids, Shamu’s Happy Harbor is a great place for them to play!

SeaWorld San Antonio Tickets

I bought our last SeaWorld San Antonio tickets from their website. It’s a little cheaper than at the gates, and you avoid standing in line. I also upgraded our day tickets to season passes once we were there and knew we’d like to come back regularly. It only cost a few dollars extra.

SeaWorld San Antonio certainly has something for young and old. It truly makes for a great day of fun!

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