Top Things To Do In Fort Worth Texas

Among the things to do in Fort Worth Texas are a few fun things that truly bring the “Texas experience”.

For this reason my family and I especially like to take our out-of-state visitors on a trip to Fort Worth.

Our favorite Fort Worth attractions are the Fort Woth Stockyards, Billy Bob’s (a honky tonk bar), the Fort Worth Zoo, and Sundance Square.

Here’s more about them…

Things To Do In Fort Worth Texas

Fort Worth Stockyards

Things to do in Fort Worth Texas: Fort Worth StockyardsThe Fort Worth Stockyards was the first place we ever visited in Fort Worth. I like to go back there from time to time.

We saw our first rodeo ever in the Cowtown Coliseum in the Stockyards! We also saw a Wild West show and a mock gunfight! My kids enjoyed the CowKid Roundup a lot. The Stockyards Station has many shops and restaurants where we hang out if it gets real hot outside.

If I had to pick only one of the things to do in Fort Worth Texas, the Fort Worth Stockyards would be my pick!

Billy Bob’s

Things to do in Fort Worth Texas: Billy Bob's Honkytonk BarBilly Bob’s must be the most famous bar in Texas. It is known as the world’s largest honky tonk bar, and is quite an experience.

There is live bull riding every Friday and Saturday. There are also regular music concerts where famous Country stars, like Willie Nelson, The Bellamy Brothers, Charlie Daniels, Lee Ann Womack, and many others have played before.

They also have a great dance floor, and if you don’t know how to dance, there are free dance lessons on Thursday evenings.

Don’t miss out on Billy Bob’s, but as my experience has taught me, try to go without the kids!

Fort Worth Zoo

Things to do in Fort Worth Texas: Fort Worth ZooThe Fort Worth Zoo is another of the fun things to do in Fort Worth Texas that my whole family enjoys.

They have several great animal exhibitions, like the World of Primates, Cheetos Cheetahs, Meerkat Mounds (think “Timone” in The Lion King), and several more. You can even do overnights and hold kids’ birthday parties there!

Zoos always seem to be a hit, especially with the kids. The Fort Worth Zoo is no exception. My family and I love to go!

Sundance Square

Things to do in Fort Worth: A street act in Sundance SquareSundance Square is downtown Fort Worth’s shopping and entertainment area.

I find the shopping to be quite casual, and there are many different types of stores in Sundance Square in Fort Worth. There is also great entertainment. I like the street acts. The kids like them too. You can also catch a movie, go dancing, listen to live music, and so on.

We all enjoy Sundance Square and like to go there!

Be sure to take a camera or camcorder along on your visit to Fort Worth!

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