Things To Do In Houston – 6 Fun Houston Attractions That You Will Enjoy!

Looking for a few fun things to do in Houston Texas? Many people think of Houston as a city full of oil companies… oh, and NASA, but there are lots of other fun things to do in Houston too.

It’s a great destination for family fun!

I’ve already mentioned NASA, and I’m planning to tell you more about it, but what about other things to do in Houston?

I will tell you about other great Houston attractions, like Discovery Green Park, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Houston Zoo, and several more.

Here are our favorite…

Things To Do In Houston


Things to do in Houston: Visit NASANASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston is where astronauts are trained. The famous Mission Control, seen in several movies and from where space flights are controlled, is also located here.

That makes it a very exciting place!

Space Center Houston is the official visitors’ center. It has several fun attractions, like Space Center theater, Blast Off theater, Feel of Space, and more.

We even took a tour to Mission Control, which is open to public tours whenever there aren’t any space missions.

2. Houston Museum of Natural Science

Things to do in Houston: Visit HMNSThe Houston Museum of Natural Science is another cool place that I like a lot. It is a very interesting place where one can learn a lot about the world we live in, and have fun while doing it.

My youngest son loves dinosaurs, which makes the Paleontology Hall a great place for him to hang out. My favorite is the Energy Hall and African Wildlife exhibit.

There are many other exhibits, some permanent and some on display only for for a fixed period.

HMNS has something for everybody.

3. Children’s Museum of Houston

Things to do in Houston: Visit the Houston Children's MuseumThe Children’s Museum of Houston is within walking distance of the Houston Museum of Natural Science, so it’s easy to spend a whole day in this one area and visit both museums.

The Children’s Museum has some very cool, interactive exhibits for kids. Among many others, How Does It Work? is a science exhibit that shows kids how interesting things work. Moneyville teaches kids about finances and how money works.

I think the Children’s Museum is truly a great place for kids!

4. Houston Zoo

Things to do in Houston: Visit the Houston ZooThe Houston Zoo is also within walking distance of the Houston Museum of Natural Science… another reason to visit this area.

With more than 4000 animals, the Houston Zoo has it all… all kinds of apes and monkeys, lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants, bears, birds, snakes, and much more. They even have a white alligator!

Kids like the Children’s Zoo where they can pet animals too (the non-dangerous kind).

The Houston Zoo is one of the coolest things to do in Houston! Don’t miss it!

5. Discovery Green Park

Things to do in Houston: Visit Discovery GreenDiscovery Green Park is a huge park near downtown Houston and is a great place for families to hang out.

It has huge lawns, a children’s playground, dog runs, a jogging trail, a large lake, water features, two great restaurants, and even an outdoor ice skating rink.

There is even wireless internet available if you need it!

To me, Discovery is a nice place to hang out for a more quiet day or afternoon.

6. Splashtown Waterpark

Things to do in Houston: Splashtown in SpringAny decent water park will have a variety of pool, slides, and raft rides. SplashTown Water Park in Spring, just north of Houston, is no exception!

Can you imagine being launched through a dark tunnel, accelerating down steep, arcing turns that takes you into a bowl, and then end with a splash into the pool below? Well, that’s the RipQurl, and that’s only one of the many rides!

I won’t try to describe every fun activity here, but I can tell you that kids and parents alike ought to have a lot of fun at SplashTown!

With all these fun things to do in Houston, you should have a memorable time in Houston. I know we do!

PS. If you’re wondering where all these things to do in Houston are located, take a look at our Houston map. Also see our pages on Houston hotels and restaurants.

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