Fun Things To Do In San Antonio Texas

There are many fun things to do in San Antonio Texas… from historic attractions all the way to fun water attractions. It is one of our favorite Texas vacation destinations.

It of course helps a lot that we live only about 100 miles away… San Antonio attractions

So far, my family and I have visited the Alamo, the Riverwalk, Fiesta Texas (Six Flags), Sea World, and Splashtown. These are our FAVORITE things to do in San Antonio Texas – we’ve gone over and over!

If you don’t know much about San Antonio or Texas history, I can tell you that “San Antone” (as some locals call it) played a prominent part in Texas history.

Things To Do In San Antonio Texas

The Alamo

Things to do in San Antonio Texas: The AlamoThe Alamo, where a very important battle against Mexico took place, is probably one of the most-visited historical sites in the US! It is a blast! We have been there several times, and loved it every time.

Visit The Alamo with us!


The Riverwalk

Things to do in San Antonio Texas: Visit the San Antonio RiverwalkNear the Alamo is the famous and very popular Riverwalk. The first time I went there, it was a Friday evening. For the first few minutes, it felt to me like I was in Europe. That same sense of “magic” has stayed with me ever since.

Visit the San Antonio Riverwalk with us! I think you’ll enjoy it. After you see the Riverwalk, you’ll probably also want to look at our favorite San Antonio Riverwalk hotels. I love staying there!

Fiesta Texas (Six Flags)

Things to do in Santonio Texas: Visit Six Flags San Antonio - Fiesta Texas: Superman RollercoasterMy kids love to have “wet” fun! As a matter of fact, they love “speed” fun too. Fiesta Six Flags have both… water rides… roller coasters. The greatest Christmas gift ever to them would be if we bought a house smack in the middle of Fiesta Six Flags. Your kids might agree!

Visit Fiesta Texas (Six Flags) with us! Your kids, especially, will have a great time.

If you’d like to stay close to Six Flags, look at our favorite hotels near Fiesta Texas in San Antonio.

Sea World

Things to do in San Antonio Texas: Visit Sea World San AntonioA trip to Sea World is always fun too. The nice thing about Sea World is that it not only has roller coasters and water rides, but also animal shows that the kids love so much.

Visit Sea World in San Antonio with us!


Things to do in San Antonio Texas: Visit SplashtownI’m guessing that Splashtown is the least known of the San Antonio water parks. It is certainly smaller than Sea World and Six Flags. To me, that is one of its advantages. Not so many people (shorter lines)!

It is also easier to keep an eye on your own kids at Splashtown. As a parent, that was very handy when my kids were still small.

Splashtown has several different water slides, some suitable for little kids and others are great for older kids and adults. They also have a nice wave pool. We’ve always had a good time there, and I think you will too.

Kiddie Park

Things to do in San Antonio Texas: Visit Kiddie ParkMy kids are a little big for it now, but if you have small kids, Kiddie Park is a nice place to take your kids to. With “small kids” I mean kids under 10, or so.

They have quite a big variety of different rides for the little kiddos, and rides fairly cheap too. Kiddie Park has been open since the 1920s and many of the rides are from an era when we and our parents were kids. So it’s something special that your kids won’t see everyday.

As I said, the rides are from a bygone era, so don’t expect Disney World here, but I nevertheless think the little guys will enjoy it.

Natural Bridge Caverns

Things to do in San Antonio Texas: Visit Natural Bridge CavernsIf you’re looking for something really cool with some adventure on the side, Natural Bridge Caverns is the place to go. As the name says, these are caves, which makes it a great place for boys in particular.

They have several tours and attractions. My favorite is probably the Discovery Tour, which takes you into a cave with some spectacular formations. It can be warm and humid inside, so taking some water along can be helpful. Also take some good walking shoes along.

Other tours include the Hidden Passages Tour and Lantern Tour. And then there is the Watchtower Challenge, which is a huge outdoor climbing wall with zip lines to slide down.

Another thing I like about Natural Bridge Caverns is that Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is right next door. So it’s quite easy to visit both!

San Antonio is a great Texas city to visit. With a little planning, San Antonio can provide you with a memorable vacation!

PS. Also see our pages on hotels near the Fiesta Texas and Riverwalk hotels.

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