A Fun Boat Ride On The Riverwalk

Boat ride on the RiverwalkHave you ever taken a boat ride on the Riverwalk in San Antonio?

We went to San Antonio last year and went on a boat ride on the Riverwalk. This was so much fun! It was such a nice way to see the Riverwalk.

We had to stand in line for quite a while to buy tickets, but people in the line were chatting to each other and that made it feel a lot shorter. The atmosphere in the riverwalk was so laid back anyway that it didn’t matter.

The boats a flat-bottom boats with seats on the sides and in the center. The tour guides also drive the boat and tell lots of stories about the Riverwalk, its history, and tell stories about some of the buildings along the river. I would say the tour probably lasts about 30-45 minutes.

Along the way, our guide pointed out the bridge and theater where Jennifer Lopez stood in the movie, Selena. Some scenes from the movie, Miss Congeniality, with Sandra Bullock were also filmed in the Riverwalk.

We went there about a week before Christmas and the Riverwalk was decorated in Christmas light. This created a beautiful sight and wonderful atmosphere.

The whole setting is just so nice. Here you are, cruising lazily down the river, people strolling along the pathways along the sides, the tour guide doing her bit, passing by restaurants along the way. Very pleasant.

We enjoyed the boat ride on the Riverwalk so much that I think we’ll do it again when we visit San Antonio over the holidays.

  • John

    Hi Chris! Great story. I like the Riverwalk too. We’ve been there several times and each time it’s fun. I agree that the boats are cool. We did a boat ride on the Riverwalk two years ago and had a lot of fun too!

  • Emily

    How much are the boat ride tickets?

    • John

      Hi Emily. At the moment, the prices are $8.25 for general admission, $6.00 for Seniors and US Military personnel, and $2.00 for children aged 1-5.

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