Why Great Wolf Lodge In Grapevine Is Awesome For Year-Round Fun

Great Wolf Lodge EntranceImagine this… It’s December and you’re standing on the edge of a pool, ready to take the leap. But wait a second, you’re thinking, it’s December. Nobody swims in December.

At Great Wolf Lodge they do!

 No, it’s not that someone will be pushing you into ice cold water at Great Wolf Lodge. There they warm the water for you… to a nice and comfy 84 degrees (Fahrenheit, that is!).

Great Wolf Lodge is located in Grapevine, which is a few miles north of Dallas.

What’s so cool about Great Wolf Lodge?

For starters, it’s a waterpark. But not just any old waterpark… it’s a massive indoor heated waterpark with a bunch of different rides!

Great Wolf Lodge water slidesThis means that it doesn’t matter what’s going on outside, you can swim. Ice storm, snow, rain, wind… no problem, you can have fun in the water.

Don’t think for one second that the rides are boring because it’s an indoor facility.

The water rides are awesome, and there are easy rides for the little ones and thrill rides for the teens and parents. Yes, I know sometimes moms don’t like the thrill rides, but there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy.

To add to it all, there are several great restaurants, including a breakfast restaurant, a snack shop, and bar & grill, and even a Starbucks.

They also have two spa salons! One for grown-ups and one for kids.

Great Wolf Lodge also has a fitness room for those who would like to stick to their fitness routine while having fun in the park.

Where do we stay?

Here’s another thing about Great Wolf Lodge that makes it great for out-of-town people. They have their own beautiful accommodations on site! The suites can be a little pricey, but they often have special deals available, and waterpark passes are included in the price.

Overall, I think Great Wolf Lodge is one of the best things to do in Dallas (Grapevine). Here you have an indoor waterpark that you can use all year long, several restaurants, spas, and you can stay on-site.

How much better can it get?

PS. To see where Great Wolf Lodge is located, see our Dallas map.

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